Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Extreme Weight Loss

Have you seen this guy...

(Trainer - Chris Powell)

on this show...

on this network...

This is officially one of my new favorite shows. Not only is trainer Chris Powell a little hottie to look at, but the show is actually really good as well. I really like watching the stories of the chosen weight loss candidates unfold over the year span that their lives and extreme weight loss are filmed. The stories are very emotional, real, and inspiring. Chris Powell also seems to be a great trainer and a genuine guy. He really seems to care about his clients. He and his wife, Heidi (who is often seen on the show as well) seem to be down to earth, mellow people who have a true passion for what they do without being in your face and too extreme - unlike Jillian Michaels (from The Biggest Loser), who drives me CRAZY! (Oy vey!) 

Other reasons I also like the show include:

1. Even though the show focuses on extreme weight loss, it is done in a healthy, realistic way, in which people set goals and work at a a steady pace of accomplishing those goals throughout a year's time.
2. It shows the realness of people having both achievements and set backs throughout the year - something that any real person trying to lose weight will also most likely struggle with as well.
3. It focuses on emotional stability as well as physical well-being. Throughout the year-long journey, the show manages to focus not only on the person's weight loss, but also on the root of what has played a huge role in mentally getting them to their heavy breaking point as well, and how to help them break the cycle of whatever it is that is emotionally and literally weighing them down. 

Bottom line:

This show seems to be keepin' it real. (Well, as real as a reality television program can, anyway!)  ;)

So, I just thought I'd share my thoughts on a new favorite reality tv show of mine so it may peak your viewing interest as well. *And the added bonus to watching this show is that once you finish an episode, it will probably inspire you to want to eat healthier and/or go workout!  

Happy viewing!  :)