Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Loot 2010

Ina Garten Cookbook

Pink Nike Gym Bag

Pearl Earrings

Juicy Couture Lock and Keys Charm Bracelet

(For some reason I can't find a pic online of the real bracelet I got and I didn't feel like taking my own pic, so this will have to do!)

Spa Sister Shower Cap and Shower Parlour Bag

Stila Blush, Eyeshadow, and Lip Color Palette including 2 Eye Liners and Brushes

Herbal Concepts Herbal Comfort Eye Pac
Slatkin & Co. Creamy Nutmeg Candle from Bath & Body Works

Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Pot in Black and Stainless Steel

Grey Cable Knit Xhiliration Slippers
(Again, these aren't the correct ones - too lazy to take a real pic - Mine have cute little bows on the font of them.)

Movie Gift Cards

Visa Gift Cards

Nathan Sport Waist Pack

Framed Pics Of My Doggies From My Lovely Mom!
Here it is ladies and gents....all the loot Santa brought me this year!! I must have been a good girl! ;)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Christmas Wish List

Here's hoping that I either get some gift cards for Christmas so I can go shopping for some of these items myself or that someone nice gets these babies for me:

Creamy Nutmeg Candle From Bath & Body Works

The Sex and the City Complete DVD Set

This Cute Dress From B.P. Nordstroms

Another Cute Dress From Nordy's

Some Black Skinnies From B.P.

Vigoss Bootcut Jeans from Nordy's

A Pretty Infinity Scarf

Some Philosophy Products

A Coach Backpack Purse

One Of These Nifty Curling Irons

A Facial

Spa Hand Therapy Gloves

Pink Yoga Pants

Soma Intimates Red Lace Bra

What's on your Christmas wish list???

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Girl Power: Texas High School Girl's Basketball Coach

This lady DEFINITELY makes me proud to be female! She's the epitome of a strong, successful woman. And geez, doesn't she look good for 73? Talk about inspiring!

Sacramento Manic Monday: California Hall of Fame

So I know I'm technically a "day" late with the Manic Monday post, as it's already a half hour past midnight on Monday, but bare with me people, it's the holiday season...there's a lot going on!
Anyway, Sacramento will be hosting it's annual California Hall of Fame event tomorrow...or um, today...whatever...
The point is, that Sacramento will be seeing some pretty big names stroll down the red carpet downtown tomorrow. Yep, there's going to be a red carpet and everything! The red carpet event is open to the public, which will be followed by a private ceremony where hall of fame members will be given medals.
To read more information about the event, go here.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Nicole Richie Weds

Did you hear? Nicole Richie and Joel Madden got married this weekend! I love Nicole's style and I'm excited she married the father of her children. Good luck to the newlyweds!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

She's Baaaaaaccck!: Lauren Conrad

Rumor has it that Miss LC - aka Lauren Conrad - is going to be hittin' the MTV reality scene again. She told Ryan Seacrest that this time around things will be different and they'll be done her way or else there won't be a show. From what Lauren has said, it sounds like her new reality show will be primarily focused upon her career. Should be interesting to see, no?!?

Monday, December 06, 2010

Sacramento Manic Monday: Felipe's Mexican Restaurant

Want an absolutely YUMMY authentic Mexican lunch or dinner? Then if you live in the Sacramento area, you HAVE to try Felipe's in Citrus Heights or Folsom. It's SOOoooo good! My husband introduced me to this restaurant and it's now my favorite place to go for some Mexican cuisine. Thanks, babe! ;)
*If you dine here, be sure to try the soft tortillas. They're to die for!!

A New Look, A New Man: Taylor Swift

So by now you've probably seen the new look Miss Taylor Swift has been sportin' that has many people talking. So what's up with this straight haired more sophisticated look for country music's sweetheart?

Yes, that's really her! A VERY different look for Taylor, right?!? And more....

Very grown up...

But wait! Could it be? Maybe she's trying to play the part of looking grown up for an older man?
An older man who happens to be one of my celebrity crushes? Umm...YES! It's true, she's dating Jake Gylenhaal! Interesting, no?!? My initial reaction when I first saw the Us Magazine at the grocery store this Saturday evening? "Yay! I love him and I love her too! I like them together!" Those were the exact words I practically screamed out loud to my hubby while we were at the check out line. I think he thought I had lost my mind! I think the cashier lady thought I was nuts, too. Not because I screeched about the new couple, but because she told me she thought it was hideous that they are now dating. (Like we know these people, right? Side note: Isn't it funny how ordinary people talk about celebrities like we know them?!!) The cashier said, "Boy, he sure likes blondes doesn't he?" Then she shook her head and said she thought it was disgusting and that if Taylor were her daughter there'd be no way she'd allow her to date a 3o year old man. (I think he's actually only 29, by the way.) I said, "Well, how old is she? Isn't she 20 or something?" (Thinking, who cares? She's an adult, right...if they're happy who cares? They're both legal consenting adults.) The cashier quickly corrected me and told me that in fact, Miss Swift is actually 21. (Ok, lady, let it go. She's 21 - she can date a 50 year old if she wants! She's an adult!) I just looked at the lady and smiled thinking, "Good for you Taylor - you scored yourself one hot looking man!"

So what do you think of these two together?

He's absolutely adorably handsome and I think they're cute together. And who can deny that she's absolutely lovely?

Sunday, December 05, 2010

A Humble Beauty: Miranda Lambert

How could you not like her? She seems so down to Earth and humble. I love the part in the interview with her parents. You can tell that she comes from a place of love and that her parents are proud of who she they should be. She's incredibly talented and lovely and has remained humble and true to her roots. I love people like that. Not to mention, I happen to LOVE her music, lyrics, and her voice. Again, another woman that makes me proud to be a girl!