Monday, August 16, 2010

Cameron Diaz

I love Cameron Diaz's style. I love that she can look great and make it look like it was effortless. Here is a list of other reasons why I love her and her style:

*Her eyes - She has AMAZING eyes! They're so blue and so beautiful.

*Her legs - The girl has legs for days! That's always a plus if you're a girl. And something I wish I had! (Unfortunately I'm barely over 5'3")

*Her accessories - She has great choice in accessories and seems to understand one of the key factors of fashion: a great piece of jewelry and/or the right accessories can dress up any ensemble. I am a total accessories/jewelry girl myself. It's rare that you don't see me with some sort of jewelry on or a hat or a great handbag.

*Her effortless hairstyles - I love that she looks great with her hair pulled up in a pony tail and that she can even rock that style on the red carpet. I love that she's that versatile.

*Her smile - In addition to beautiful eyes, she's got a great smile, too.

*Her personality - I think above all else, part of her amazing sense of style comes from the fact that she seems to have a great attitude and personality as well. She definitely seems like the girl next door and the kind of person that you would want to just hang out with and go get a beer with.

* Her social awareness - I love that she cares about the environment and others around the world. That is so classy and shows that she has a compassionate heart. That's always in style!

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