Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sacramento Manic Monday: The Shady Lady

I had the pleasure of visiting the Shady Lady Saloon a couple of weeks ago with my husband and some good friends. This is a very cool place. It's somewhat new to Sacramento. It opened its doors in 2009. I wish I had taken up a friend's offer a while ago to accompany her to this fun bar/restaurant. Yet, I'm glad I finally made my way over to the Shady Lady and was able to experience the great ambiance and service at this place.
The Shady Lady is a throwback to the Prohibition Era with a touch of modern class thrown in to its decor, drinks, food, and atmosphere. They offer live music 7 days a week - whether that's a local jazz singer/ensemble or a dj, there WILL be music playing for people to enjoy. They offer a variety of American Classic and Southern inspired dishes for patrons to choose from on their menu until the kitchen closes at midnight. The drink menu is definitely enticing and offers a variety of libations. And, the bartenders at the Shady Lady know their stuff! My husband wanted to order a beer, but wasn't sure what to get, so he asked the bartender for help in choosing. The entire staff was both knowledgeable and very helpful...not to mention polite and enthusiastic! Oh, and you can't forget about the photo booth! The Shady Lady has an old school photo booth set up near the door so you can capture a fun night with friends before leaving the saloon.

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