Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This Is NO Fairmont!!

My trip to Newport Beach was prompted by two very special birthdays: My best friend Jenna's 28th and my other dear friend, Steph's 30th. My husband and I decided we would love to accompany Miss Jenna for her first trip ever to Newport Beach and show her around one of our favorite places in CA for her b-day. And, since Miss Steph lives in Costa Mesa and happened to be celebrating a milestone in her life that I wanted to be part of, this all worked out perfectly. I got to be with both of my girls for their special days in one of my most favorite places!!

My trip started out on Thursday night with a stay at Hotel Menage in Anaheim:

Yes, it's aesthetically pleasing. We were impressed with the pool area and how pretty this place looked all lit up at night. However....

See that freeway there? See how closely it runs along the side of Hotel Menage? Yes, that freeway looks ok (mellow), right?....But let me tell you....that picture is deceiving...it's ridiculously loud and busy and it was all I could hear while trying to get some sleep in my hotel room that sat right next to it. We were shocked, in fact, with a) how close our room was to the freeway AND b) how NOISY it was!! We were all SO tired when we got to our room and all we wanted to do was get a good night's sleep. It was quickly becoming apparent that was NOT going to happen. *Side note: Upon entering our room and realizing how close we were to the freeway (No Joke!!), I said, "Well, if there's an earthquake, I'm pretty sure we're ending up right in the middle of that freeway if the hotel collapses."

I did try to see if we could be moved to another room, upon which I was told by the hotel clerk, simply, "No!" The guy, who by the way, was a TOTAL jerk (from the get go - even while checking us in) didn't even look anything up in the computer or try to be polite in any way. His sentiment was, "No! But you can upgrade to a room with one king bed." Uh...yeah, and charge me for the upgrade? And leave someone sleeping on the floor or the couch since there were three of us staying there? No thanks!

I can't even go into what ensued. Let's just say it was utter insanity! The customer service at Hotel Meanage is AWFUL with a capital A-W-F-U-L!! We were completely blown away by how rude and crazy the guy at the front desk, who claimed to be the night manger, was to us. Even the security guard who worked for the hotel, was like, "Just walk away...[because this guy is flippin out!]"

My advice: If you are ever considering staying at Hotel Menage...DON'T!! You'll get horrible service, a terrible night's sleep, and pay way too much for a hotel that is pretty but lacks in so many ways.


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