Friday, January 04, 2013


May it be your best year yet!

I pray for everyone that we are able to be the change we wish to see this year, and that not only our young and future generations, but also the older generations will realize that they have the power to change things if they are willing to make the conscious effort to know better and then DO better! I personally would love to see and have challenged the people in my life, including my students, to think about what it says about our culture that we  are enamored by violence and find it entertaining. I have asked them to think twice before they choose a violent movie, video game, or television program the next time they are bored and looking for something "fun" to entertain their minds. Making the choice to go outside and do something physical, play an educational or family game, read a book, start a DIY project, or even play a physical or non-violent video game is such a better choice than allowing our minds to be warped by watching or participating in some level of violent act. If we want to see things like mass shootings at shopping malls and elementary schools cease, I truly think part of the answer is to stop allowing violence to be a norm of our everyday culture!

So here's to 2013, knowing better, and then DOING better! Are you up for the challenge?!?

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