Monday, December 06, 2010

A New Look, A New Man: Taylor Swift

So by now you've probably seen the new look Miss Taylor Swift has been sportin' that has many people talking. So what's up with this straight haired more sophisticated look for country music's sweetheart?

Yes, that's really her! A VERY different look for Taylor, right?!? And more....

Very grown up...

But wait! Could it be? Maybe she's trying to play the part of looking grown up for an older man?
An older man who happens to be one of my celebrity crushes? Umm...YES! It's true, she's dating Jake Gylenhaal! Interesting, no?!? My initial reaction when I first saw the Us Magazine at the grocery store this Saturday evening? "Yay! I love him and I love her too! I like them together!" Those were the exact words I practically screamed out loud to my hubby while we were at the check out line. I think he thought I had lost my mind! I think the cashier lady thought I was nuts, too. Not because I screeched about the new couple, but because she told me she thought it was hideous that they are now dating. (Like we know these people, right? Side note: Isn't it funny how ordinary people talk about celebrities like we know them?!!) The cashier said, "Boy, he sure likes blondes doesn't he?" Then she shook her head and said she thought it was disgusting and that if Taylor were her daughter there'd be no way she'd allow her to date a 3o year old man. (I think he's actually only 29, by the way.) I said, "Well, how old is she? Isn't she 20 or something?" (Thinking, who cares? She's an adult, right...if they're happy who cares? They're both legal consenting adults.) The cashier quickly corrected me and told me that in fact, Miss Swift is actually 21. (Ok, lady, let it go. She's 21 - she can date a 50 year old if she wants! She's an adult!) I just looked at the lady and smiled thinking, "Good for you Taylor - you scored yourself one hot looking man!"

So what do you think of these two together?

He's absolutely adorably handsome and I think they're cute together. And who can deny that she's absolutely lovely?


  1. i can't believe that's her!! so different looking! two totally different looks, don't you think? i love reese so it's hard to picture mr. jake with taylor...but they do look cute together! {and yes, it's funny how we all talk about the stars as if we know them!}

  2. Hi Cathy! Yes, I love Reese, too! And I LOVED her with my boyfriend, Jake! :)
    Unfortunately, though, the realtionship between Jake and Reese seems very over. :(
    So I'm glad he chose another classy lady like Taylor to date. I have much respect for her after the way she dealt with Kanye being crazy on stage with her way back when.
    But...what's up with Reese's new man??? I'm not sure if I like him?!?
    Again, the talking like we know these people! Ha! Oh well, such is life!
    Hope you had a fabulous day!!