Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Sacramento Manic Monday: Mangia on Capitol

As the name suggests, a new restaurant has popped up on Capitol Avenue in downtown Sacramento. Mangia is right next door to the original Paesano's restaurant. In fact, the two share the same owners. And, as with any other establishment these owners have created, Mangia is host to delicious food and an inviting atmosphere.

I had the pleasure of eating there for the first time last week with one of my best friend's, Nicole. First we enjoyed the food, and then we enjoyed almost three hours (!) of sitting and chatting in the sun-lit dining room near a picture window looking out to the sidewalk and street, allowing us to see all the cool hipsters and state employees strolling through the neighborhood. Oh how I love those long afternoon lunches with a good friend and some good eats + people watching!  ;) 

For your viewing/drooling pleasure...

Nicole ordered the Mangia! Club sandwich:

And I ordered the Mangia! Chop Salad:

It was delish, and I look forward to taking my husband here soon so we can try some more things on the menu. (This seems like a place the guys would like too.)  :)

P.S. I do realize this is being posted on Tuesday, however, I blame my husband for my tardiness. This was written and ready to go yesterday for a Manic Monday post, but he interrupted me to check basketball scores on the laptop...or some other sort of man craziness he was interested in at the moment!  Sheesh! Does anyone else's husband do that to them?!? Bless his heart....

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