Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Sleeping Mask Causing Wrinkles?

I'm just any of you use a sleeping mask? And if so, do you often wake up with lines on your face from it, like I do?!? I love the dang things, and I'm addicted to wearing them at night. I can't even sleep without one at night. I have tried several different kinds, though, and I haven't yet found just the right fit for my liking. I currently switch between one that looks like this:

And one that looks like this:

I like them both, but I end up with lines on my face in the morning whenever I use either one of them. So, I'm wondering, does anyone have the same problem, do you have any recommendations for a mask that doesn't leave you with lines creased into your face in the a.m., and does anyone have any expertise regarding whether or not I should be concerned that these creases may eventually become permanent wrinkles on my face??

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