Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jacqueline Kennedy

I love Jackie O! She was so classy. She faced things in her life that were unimaginable to deal with, yet she remained a dignified lady. She knew how to handle herself and her children as well. She was loved by people around the world. And, she is one of my style icons. I particularly love her trend of the big black sunglasses she used to sport. I too am a fan of big, black sunglasses and have often been teased for wearing my Jackie O. glasses out and about. I don't care! Make fun if you will. I still love the style!

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was also famous for the following:
Chanel jackets - Who doesn't love Chanel? And those fitted jackets that Jackie loved to wear are so flattering. I love a good jacket.
A-line skirts - Another flattering look. These are great for work.
Single-color schemes - Very smart. I particularly like Black, Beige, and Grey. Sometimes just keeping it simple is a good idea. It's classy.
Boat and V-necks - Both good choices paired with either jeans or a nice pair of slacks.
Black turtlenecks - So smart and so chic. I love to wear black turtlenecks. They are slimming and look great with so many things.
Big oversized sunglasses - One of my favorite things she donned.
Black-and white combo - Can't go wrong with this. Jackie preferred white (pants or skirt) on the bottom, black sweater, blouse, or shirt on the top - she felt the other way around gave you a "waiter look." Very interesting, huh? I also find it quite interesting that I didn't know this fact until I did the research for this post, but I have a similar philosophy. In fact, some of my engagement photos picture me wearing white linen pants with a black turtle neck. Who knew I was channeling Jackie all this time?!?

P.S. I love the picture of Jackie with her husband and her kids. She looks so happy. She also looks perfectly fabulous and stylish in her role as a wife and mother.

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