Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP)

Now I know that people have mixed emotions about her/her looks/her style, but I happen to love her and think she is stunning! And these are the reasons why I choose her as one of my fashion icons:
-She has GREAT hair. I love that she is so versatile with her hairstyles. I personally think it looks great long, short, curly, straight...any way she...or her hairstylist does it. She is one of those people who can have the best of both hair worlds!
- She has a beautiful smile.
- She has a KILLER body! Is she not the leanest woman you've ever seen?!?
- I love that she LOVES her husband and isn't afraid to show it, but not in that sick and make you wanna throw up Bill Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie kinda way, circa 2000-2003!
- I think she's got a great sense of classic sort of style with a bit of a funk mixed with it.
- I love her pretty, icy blue eyes. They're alluring.
- She has great glowing skin.
- And lastly, I like that she has enormous success, yet still seems to maintain a "normal" life with her husband and their children in New York. I love that she is seen doing things like taking her kids out and going to the grocery store or just taking a walk with her husband in the city.
Now, as for her character Carrie Bradshaw....that's a whole other thing! I can't wait for that post! Be prepared.....I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Carrie Bradshaw. It could be a picture frenzy kind of post! You've been officially warned! ;-)
Happy Saturday,
Tiffany xxx

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