Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fake vs. Real

In my opinion, fake fingernails are disgusting! Besides what I think, though, these ugly things are just not high fashion. They scream street walker and "Hello, we're FAKE!"
"So what if I'm getting married", you say? Or how many times have you heard a bride say, "I'm getting my nails done just for my wedding"...and then you see them walking down the aisle with a fresh pair of "French" polished plastic pieces attached to their real nails?
Ladies, please! skip the acrylics and go au naturel. It's so much nicer. You want to look the part of the epitome of class on your oh so special day, don't you? Well, then go for a nice color of polish or get your real nails polished in a French manicure. Even if your nails are short, they'll still look nice....and better than those ugly fake things!

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