Monday, November 22, 2010

Kudos To Kelly!

I LOVE her! She inspires me and is one of those women who makes me proud to be a female. I think she has some really great things to say. She puts so many things into perfect perspective for the group of women in the "age gap" which I, myself, happen to be part of. Before her, there was really no one to speak to the group of young women aged 18-35. There was no one who could give us great advice for how to live our lives to our fullest potential and how to find what makes us happy. Kelly understands that you can be a strong, independent, business savvy woman and still be nice to other women, while at the same time showing them how to grow stronger and become independent themselves, even if that means having to be brutally honest. I absolutely agree with her that we've been programmed to believe a lot of what we think is ideal for a woman to be today. I think it's time that we start questioning that and asking ourselves if we're really happy with our lives or are we really just living a life that has been defined by someone else's standards. I also think it's time that we embrace the fact that we're female. Instead of knocking each other down, we need to learn to be kind to one another and confident in our interactions and relationships with other women. But, at the same time, we need to hold each other accountable for our actions. It's not ok to be a ditsy girl, to get away with the dumb blonde act, or to just try to find a rich man to take care of you. It's time women started educating themselves and figuring out that hard work, diligence, and a brain are attractive. It's time that we stopped letting ourselves pretend that it's ok to brush our femininity and our strength under the rug. It's in there. It's a part of us. We need to bring it forth, and we need to be proud of it! Kudos to Kelly Cutrone for speaking her mind! And, thank you, Kelly, for helping women out there to start thinking about who they are and also for sharing with us the things that some of our mothers never would have talked to us about.

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