Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Um NO!

This is just WRONG! A chest tattoo is NEVER fashionable in my opinion. I happen to think tattoos are ugly to begin with. (And yes, I DO have one - a tiny little butterfly on my leg near my ankle. And yes, I think it's ugly!) But even more ugly than just a plain old tattoo, is a tattoo sprawled out across your chest...especially if you're a girl. It's hideous and not cute at all. Ladies, please don't do this to yourselves. As women, our chests are sacred. That's the place our children rest their heads. It's the part of us that entices the appetite of our significant others. It's not a place to use as a canvas for some ugly ink. Please, if you want to adorn your chest with something, choose a necklace, not a tattoo! Let's try being ladies, not sailors!

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