Friday, November 05, 2010

Last But Not Least: Skull T-Shirts

The last bit of nastiness on my list of things unfashionable is skull t-shirts. Again, another thing I find hideous! I'm SO over this look already! Well, I NEVER liked it to begin with, but after seeing it everywhere and never being a fan, I'm done, thank you very much! I'm just SO sick of this idea that some girls/women have in their heads that it's not cool to be a girl or to be feminine. Well, I have a news flash for you: YES IT IS! If you're a woman, embrace it! Be feminine. Men like that. And even if they didn't, that's not relevant. If you're a girl you should be proud of that. Don't try to be manly, or unfeminine, or "hard". Embrace your femininity. There are plenty of ways of still being able to hang with the boys; or being independent; or being tough and not letting anyone walk all over you. Trust me, you can show all of that and still wear a dress; or pink; or a shirt with a flower on it instead of a nasty skull! In fact, without all of the "hard" attire, you might find that you actually get MORE respect and more people might take you seriously. Who knows?
As for the skulls... Men, I'm including you in this one, too. Enough with the skulls! It reminds me of a dead person. And why do I want to see that? If you're a good looking man, I want to see you in a great button up collared shirt (without skulls printed on it), or in a nice suit. Shoot, I'll even take a wife beater, if you just ditch those ugly skull shirts! Please!!

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