Monday, November 15, 2010

Sacramento Manic Monday: Orphan Breakfast House

So I've decided to do something new on my blog. Every Monday I'll be featuring something special from the city that I love....Sacramento! Last Monday I posted pictures of street fashions worn by local Sacramento ladies. I'm going to be calling this my Sacramento Manic Monday post. It's going to feature anything from fashion to food to events, etc. The point is that I will be highlighting people, places, and things in the Sacramento area to inform people of what great things my city has to offer. I hope you will enjoy reading!
So, for today's Sacramento Manic Monday post, I'm bring to you Orphan Breakfast House. This place is the bomb! My husband and I went there yesterday morning thanks to a recommendation from Ms. Paetz, and we loved it! The food was great and very filling. Super yummy, yet you leave not feeling like you want to pop! I'm definitely looking forward to going back again. Check this out to read more about Orphan Breakfast House located at 3440 C Street, Sacramento, CA.

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