Monday, November 08, 2010

Street Styles - Downtown Plaza, Sacramento, CA

Here are some looks of locals here in Sacramento that I photographed while out and about at the Downtown Plaza today. Unfortunately, I was having some issues with my camera, so the pics didn't turn out as well as I would have liked. But you can still get the gist. Also, I'll add a bit of commentary so you can better visualize....
The girls in the first picture were adorable! They both have really great hair, which unfortunately, my pictures don't do either of them proper justice. The girl to the left had a fun little cardigan on that had some simple but cute button detailing on it. She was also sportin' some fashionable and fun gold sandals. Her partner in crime was sportin' one of my favorite things...a scarf! She also had on some super cute heels. (By the way, don't you just love California weather/style? I love the fact that the weather right now is cool enough to wrap a scarf around your neck, yet still warm enough to wear some open toed shoes or sandals.)
The next girl we see had a comfy yet stylish outfit on. Her look seemed effortlessly put together, which is one of my favorite styles to pull off. I also loved the detailing of her trendy cardi.
Next we see a very nicely styled lady. I so wish this picture turned out better. (This is when my camera really started to get whacked out!) She really had it goin' on from head to toe! She had on great sunglasses, a nice scarf, a great read sweater jacket, and awesome boots! Oh, and she had a great ruffled purse to boot, which I think is made by Steve Madden. (I forgot to ask her.)
Next we see another cute girl sportin' a super cute scarf, which she said she got on the U.C. Davis campus. Fun, right?!? I love when you find great fashion pieces at places out of the ordinary. I feel like that just makes the item you purchase a bit more special. Would you agree?
And last but not least we see a camera shy gal who was styled really well. She also was super cute and definitely had no reason to be camera shy, but I respect the fact that not everyone wants their face flaunted on some random girl's blog! :)
I think this last look is my favorite, and the picture that turned out the best as well. I'm a huge fan of boots and I LOVE the ones this girl is wearing. I also just really love the entire look and the way she put everything together to work it on a nice fall day here in Cali!

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