Friday, November 05, 2010

Face Bling? No Thank You!

Leave your faces alone, people! Please! Enough with the face piercing already. It pains me to see this. Even worse to me than seeing a pretty girl smoking a cigarette is a girl with a pretty face and a bunch of piercings all over it. There's no other way around saying this, so I'm just gonna say it: Face piercings are DISGUSTING! Your face is one of the major things that represents you. Please don't ruin your great face and your skin by putting metal bars and hoops in it. Use makeup (appropriately applied) to accentuate your face and your natural features. You look like a Barbarian with all that junk in your face. If you absolutely desire some sort of piercing on your face, at least make it discreet and get a tiny little nose piercing. That I can handle. But the dots in the cheeks, the bars through the eyebrows, the hoop and ball through the lip...that stuff's gotta go. Besides, they're finding results now that are showing that all this piercing stuff can be super dangerous to your health and hygiene. If for nothing else, let that be the reason you don't pierce yourselves, ladies! For goodness sakes!

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